Draw Your Own Map

Deciding your concentration when you are in college is one of the most important steps that a student can take. Understand that it’s not up to your career counselor, or your professors to decide for you. You can ask for help and opinions but deciding what you want, you have to do it by yourself. Draw your own map talks about how arriving at your next step and charting the course to ultimately arrive at your ideal destination is your responsibility. With your next career step identified, visualize the smaller, interim steps you need to take to move forward. It is vitally important that you take the first step even if it doesn’t seem that significant. That first step will generate the momentum that will help carry you toward your goals. It’s the willingness to take that first terrifying step (and all the other steps later on), even in the absence of a perfect plan, that turns your map from a daydream into reality.

Until late in my senior year I wasn’t sure what I wanted to continue my concentration on. So, what helped me was analyze my strong and weak points. What I enjoyed and what not. What education should I continue after I finished my bachelor and what possibilities are there for both cases. After much thought I decided that the subject that I enjoyed more was big data. A strong background in math and statistics will put you ahead of the pack. Also, the computer languages that I really enjoy are Python and R, which are two important ones in big data. I like to play around with visualization and analyzing datasets. For me, a dataset is more than numbers and characters. I like to discover the hidden connection behind it. This keeps me going and learn more.

 Remember, there isn’t one single path that all apprentices follow. Instead, successful apprentices follow paths that share a certain family resemblance. These resemblances do not happen because apprentices are inexorably shepherded into making the same decisions by their mentors. They happen because each apprentice, consciously or not, chooses their route through life based on an overlapping set of values.

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