Apprenticeship Patterns

I want to start this blog with something very interesting that I read in the book; Surround yourself with developers who are better than you. Find a stronger team where you are the weakest member and have room to grow. Being in a strong team can make you feel as if you are performing better. The other members of that team will often prevent you from making mistakes, and help you recover from mistakes so smoothly that you will not realize that you may not be learning as much as you think. It is interesting and true but also, we have to be careful because there are risks. You can end up feeling bad about yourself and your skills or there is more than you can handle so is good and bad being in strong group.

This semester I’m learning something new in software development capstone. This means that I have to read new information and trying to understand it. Expanding your ability to take in new information is a critical, though sometimes overwhelming, step for apprentices. This book help explains that you must develop the discipline and techniques necessary to efficiently absorb new information, as well as to understand it, retain it, and apply it. I feel this chapter is so relevant to me because sometimes I feel lost with all that reading and new information. While Expanding Your Bandwidth can be fun and is an interesting skill in and of itself, for the apprentice it is a means to an end.

I always try to hide my ignorance when I don’t know something about a topic. This book helped me understand that it fine to not know or understand it. It helped me to work with my problems and allow yourself to Expose Your Ignorance in a specific technology in order to focus your attention on what you need to learn next. Then Confront Your Ignorance and let your team and your customers watch you flex your knowledge-acquisition muscles. When all this new information and mind-stretching becomes overwhelming, it’s important to Retreat into Competence, remember how far you’ve come and the skills you’ve developed, and gather yourself to ascend to the next plateau.

Source: Apprenticeship Patterns: Guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman by Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshineye, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2- 6 Introduction.

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