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Decorator Design Pattern

I decided that I wanted to talk a little more for the design patterns. This week I will present you another type. Decorator Design Pattern. Decorator design pattern is used to add additional features or behaviors to a particular instance of a class, while not modifying the other instances of same class.  It is aContinue reading “Decorator Design Pattern”

Simple Factory Pattern

Last week I gave you a small introduction in design pattern and explained their benefits in codes. Today I want to talk about one of this design patterns. The Factory Pattern. The reason why I choose this pattern is because I had to use it in one of my projects in java. The Simple FactoryContinue reading “Simple Factory Pattern”

Design Patterns

This week I would like to talk about the design patterns. I would like to give a little intro to design pattern. As you have probably experienced by now, writing correct computer programs can sometimes be quite a challenge. Design patterns are not language specific either. Good design patterns are implementable in most programming languages,Continue reading “Design Patterns”

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